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Ed Markey: $15 An Hour Minimum Wage Maybe Isn’t High Enough

By Tom Joyce February 24, 2020, Massachusetts U.S. Senator Ed Markey advocates for a $15-an-hour minimum wage, but what about a $20 an hour? Markey sounded game during a recent interview with New Boston Post. Over the past year, some Democrats have signaled support for a minimum wage higher than $15 an hour. Presidential candidate and billionaire Tom Steyer voiced his support for a $22 an hour minimum wage earlier this month. And last July, U.S. Representative Rashida Tlalib (D-Michigan), a self-described democratic socialist and member of “The Squad,” argued the minimum wage should be around $20 an hour. Read More

Advocates for a $15 minimum wage question Buttigieg as he marches with them in SC

By Joseph Bustos February 24, 2020 Charleston, S.C. While Pete Buttigieg chanted “We Work! We Sweat, Put $15 on our check!” along with striking fast food workers calling for a $15 minimum wage, he was loudly questioned about his commitment to the fight for $15. About 100 people rallied outside of a Charleston McDonalds calling for a $15 minimum wage, the day before Buttigieg and six other Democratic presidential hopefuls converge on the debate stage to make their final appeals to Palmetto State voters. “No matter who you support, I support you, we support you, we stand together and we will not rest until one job is enough in the ...